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Pancioli Hotels Meetings & Resorts reserve their right to modify the terms, conditions and communications under the bases the Site is been offered.

For whatever is not regulated by the mentioned terms and conditions on the use of this Site, it is exclusively applicable the Italian Law that the user accept with its use. With the use of this Site, it is expressly accepted the exclusive competence of the Italian judicial authority - Pistoia Bar for any possible dispute that could raise, also regarding the interpretation of the above mentioned terms and conditions for the use and/or the use of the Site itself.

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We inform you that according the Art. 10 of the Law 31st December 1996 n. 675 that bears the protection of the persons and other subjects in reference to the personal data, that the personal data given to us by you or acquired in the limits of our activity, could be part of the treatment, according the above mentioned dispositions and according the obligations of reserve. For treatment of personal data we refer to their collection, registration, organization, conservation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, veto, communication, diffusion, cancellation or distribution, or the combination of two or more of such operations.

According to the above mentioned Law, the holder of the treatment is Pancioli Hotels Meetings & Resorts - Viale Amendola, 2 - 51016 Montecatini Terme (Pt) represented by the legal representative Elio Pancioli. We inform you that with your previous consent will be exclusively treated your "Non Sensitive" personal data; the treatment could be carried out in the limits of the normal commercial activity of Pancioli Hotels Meetings & Resorts for statistic purposes as well as for marketing, in relation to promotional and selling of the products carried out through e-mail supply of advertising material or the use of other commercial communication systems and could be accomplished with or without the help of electronic s or computerized means, suitable to be connected according to the different situations and necessities also to data referred to other people. Pancioli Hotels Meetings & Resorts can carry out the accomplishment of the treatments above mentioned (always within the respect of the security and reserve mentioned measures) by societies or enterprises, public or private, which activity is related to it, instrumental or support; for this purpose, according to the Art. 20 and 28 of the Law 675/96, your "Non Sensitive" personal data could be submitted to third parties, in Italy as well as abroad.

The Art.13 of the Law 675/96 establishes the rights and the faculty (access, correction, cancellation, opposition of treatment, etc.) that you could exercise in regards to the treatment of the data given by you.
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