The opening hours of the Congress Building is from 8:00 to 20:00. Any different timetable must be agreed with the Direction of the Congress Building and it will have an extra charge.

The available material to be delivered at the Congress Building will be accepted by the Congressional head office not before the established dates for the exhibition and only accompanied by the specific reference to the convention and delivered carriage free. A RESPONSIBLE PERSON OF THE COMPANY MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE WITHDRAWAL OF THE MATERIAL AND TO SIGN THE CORRESPONDENT NECESSARY ATTACHED DOCUMENTS. If this person is not present, no responsibility will be charged to the Director, nor to third parties, including the carrier, for any damages that could be verified to the goods or to third parties or employees. The discharge of the material and its introduction in the areas must be taken care by the company or by the carrier.

In order to safeguard the floor of travertine marble present in all the Building, it is compulsory for all the exhibitors the use of pile carpet that the company will provide to place on the floor with lightweight bi-adhesive tape, or upon request of our supply. It is prohibited the application of panels, placards and indications on the walls and doors of the Congress Building with glues or any other type of supports (nails, screws, thumbtacks, etc).
The expositors should provide for the discharge and charge of the material, their own porterage staff and means. The cartage tariff is 19,oo an hour, a person.
All the stand equipment operations should anyway exclude on site the workings unless the assembly of finished and pre-set structures.

The furnishing of the stands, their stand equipment and use, should not inhibit the regular functioning of the technical installations and must not, in any way, interfere with the accesses or anything else that may be of interest for the security. So it is absolutely prohibited to hide in anyway such positions that must be, anyway, always easily accessible and visible, as well as the security exits. Specific staff will do controls and visits, also inside the areas and stands with the full faculty to eliminate the defaults, provided that the organizers are the responsible for this.

The occupied spaces at the Congress Building must be free within and not after the 20:00 of the last day of the Congress.
Possible imperfections regarding the use, the integrity and the function of all the fixed or mobile structures must be declared by the Organizer to the Direction of the Congress Building in the moment of the restitution. Otherwise, for further damages found, from that moment the Organizers authorize for the repair of the damages, charging the costs to the Organizers themselves.


Possible sound broadcasts, film or television projections, audiovisual services or technical apparatus should be requested by written to the Congress Building by the organizers who must pay for them in advance.

Quotation for the hiring of additional material:
Hiring of additional material upon request.

The Congress Building provides a general surveillance service during the hours of the development of the exhibition with its own personnel and during the closing hours with an intrusion automatic electronic system.
A particular or more accurate surveillance service will be at the charge and care of the organizers.

The members of the congress as organizers and/or participants of a congress at the Congress Building of Montecatini Terme, Viale Amendola, 2, relieve from every claim of liability the property, all the other companies connected to it, co-obligors/co-interested for all the titles or reasons for possible current or future damages, accessories and expenses of any nature, including those regarding legal representation and to resign to set up or to pursue towards anyone a civil and/or penal and/or recovery action, releasing with this a wide and definitive discharge declaration for possible damages (by way of example but not limitative the damages from Fire, vandalistic Acts also following Theft/attempted Theft/robbery, Theft, Robbery, Civil Responsibility for himself and/third parties, Civil Responsibility for workmen, etc) that could suffer the electronic apparatus, cellular phones, hardware and software programs, and anything else needed for the development of the works brought in the areas and for the development of the cultural event.
The organizers and/or participants commit themselves to give their complete cooperation for the right development of the congress works, making sure that during the pauses of such works and/or during the daily closing and/or the meetings that no apparatus and or functioning instruments are left on the areas.
The organizers must present to the property, at least twenty days before the exhibition, the copy of the insurance policy "All Risks" connected to the participation at the fair events, related to the goods to be exhibited and to the possible objects received by the exhibitor to decorate and personalize the exhibition space. The insurance policy must also furnish the coverage of the risks related to the civil responsibility towards thirds and must contain the clause of renouncing to the recovery towards the property and all the other companies connected to it, co-obligors/co-interested with an unique minimum maximal of at least 2.500.000,oo (two million five hundred thousand euros).
They also declare to have read the information regarding the article 10 of the Law 675/96, and to have given the consent for the personal data treatment.

It is severely prohibited:
To smoke in all the areas of the Congress Building;
To introduce animals of any race and kind
To enter into the technical installation sites;
To introduce food and/or beverages into the meeting rooms.

It is an obligation, for events of more than 500 people, to predispose the presence of a Fireman for a Surveillance and Fire Service to be carried out during the congress work (a fireman for every 500 people), at the charge of the organizers.
The cost for one (1) fireman is 58,oo an hour for one person + VAT.
It is absolutely necessary to have available an ambulance with a doctor located at the entrance of the Congress Building for the complete period of the Convention.

For any exhibiting area it is included the electric power distribution equal to 1 Kw/h. If it is required the use of a higher electric power distribution, this should be requested to the Direction and it will have a cost of 26,oo per Kw/h + VAT.

During the period of the stand equipment, it will be available a florist in the area of the stands, who according the single company requirements, he will be able to supply artificial flowers or to hire green ornamental plants upon request. The payment will be done directly with the florist.

The Congress Building will furnish a general cleaning service with its own personnel for the common areas, that is: toilets, halls and meeting rooms. The cleaning service for the exhibiting areas will be at the care of the exhibiting company, who could request it to the Congress Building upon advance written request and advance payment. Cost for the cleaning service: 18,oo an hour for a person.

For any further information we beg you to contact us at the telephone number 0572 75861

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