Montecatini “ThermalCity”
After duty, to recover one’s shape is a pleasure

When we talk about wellness we can only think about Montecatini Terme; a thermal city from 1973!

And if we talk about wellness in Montecatini we can not negligible the matters of the hydrocholesterolemia and of the constipation.

The saliferous-sulfate-alkaline waters of Montecatini really produce beneficial effects in the metabolism of the fats as well as the intestinal motility.

The combined activity of the waters activities the hepatobiliary system, which through an intense shrinkage of the gallbladder drains the biliary content, allows an intestinal motor activity and a secretion of sterol in the duodenum.

This determines a reduced intestinal re-absorption of the biliary secretion with the consequent increase of sterol secretion, precursors of the cholesterol, with the excrement.

The reduced intestinal absorption of the biliary salts, due to the increase on the intestinal movement, leads to an increase conversion of the cholesterol moulded in biliary acids and so a reduction on the circulating cholesterol (“colesterolemia”). To this beneficial cure it is combined the best food life style with a menu purposely studied and prepared for our wellbeing, according the instructions of the Bellavista Palace Hotel nutritionists.

Take care of yourself in Montecatini Terme is a beautiful experience lived in a place where it is possible to achieve a pleasant and perfect life style.

The step to go from thermal treatments to the tourism, to the leisure time, tasting a culture breath and enjoying the opportunity to visit the medieval Tuscany, is very short.

In fact, the geographical position of Montecatini, associated to the several constructions, allows you to reach the cities of art like Vinci, San Gimignano, Collodi, Volterra, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia, Siena in half an hour or an hour by car. Also the sport has its space: from the healthy walks in the marvellous park of the thermal baths, where the Bellavista Palace Hotel is located to the sporting facilities of the golf course, from the race-course to the cycling, tennis, clay pigeon, mini-golf up to a brief, romantic and delightful trip in the funicular to visit Montecatini Alto, a village that offers a spectacular view of the Valdinievole.

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